The Confirmation program at Christ’s begins with Pre-confirmation for 6th and 7th graders.  For two years, the preteens participate in meaningful discussions about God, scripture, and their lives.

In 8th and 9th grades, using the “Here we Stand” curriculum, students spend a year exploring Luther’s small catechism, then have a year of Bible study.  They spend time in service to other, both at church and in the community.  With the pre-confirmation class, they visit many different faith communities (Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.) and learn of the values we all share.  During their second year, the confirmands choose mentors from among older members of the congregation and participate in a variety of activities with these new friends in Christ.  The students are confirmed at the end of their 9th grade year.

The students meet weekly during the 9 AM education hour.

Other special elements of the Confirmation experience:

Exploring Faith Communities

Each year, both Confirmation and Pre-confirmation classes have four opportunities to learn about a wide variety of different faith communities. During these two-week units, members of these communities visit the students and talk about their religions, and the following week our students travel to their houses of worship. In three years, our youth share a worship experience at a mosque and a synagogue, a Catholic Church and a Buddhist temple, and much more. Greek Orthodox, Unitarian, Mennonite, Baptist: everywhere they travel, they meet wonderful people of faith, and see that the values we share are greater than what divides us.


Getting away to the mountains or the shore is an important part of this program. Pre-confirmation and Confirmation each enjoy a refreshing and meaningful annual retreat.

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